Screening for Depression

Depression, also known as Major Depressive Disorder, is one of the leading causes of disability among individuals age 15 and older. Feelings of sadness and disinterest in activities you once enjoyed may be more serious than you think especially if it’s causing decreased productivity at work or at home. The good news is that depression […]

Maximize Your Health with Sleep

Did you know that sleeping less than 7 hours each night is associated with weight gain, diabetes, depression, and reduced immune function?  Upgrade your sleep routine using these healthy tips: Establish a regular bedtime and stick to it – even on the weekends Turn off your devices 30 minutes before bed – this includes e-readers […]

Maximize Your Health with S.M.A.R.T. Goals

You want to prevent chronic disease.  Your motivation to change is high and you’re confident you can stick to it this time.  Now what?  Set a SMART goal.  When setting a health goal always remember to start small.  Maybe your main preventative health goal is to start exercising regularly, or to finally schedule that colonoscopy.  […]

Power in Positivity

Positive thinking is simply having a hopeful outlook on life and taking the “glass half full” approach to life. How Positive Thinking Shows Up: Continually wanting to grow and improve Laughter Self-care Being social Gratitude Mindfulness Optimism is correlated with healthy behaviors such as abstaining from smoking, moderate consumption of alcohol, the habit of walking […]